Apparatus 22, Araña, Billy, Madison Bycroft, Jojo, Caretto / Spagna, Cheetah, Sarah Clerval, Iván Krassoievitch, Nicolas Momein, Pillo, Rhino Rembrandt, Maxime Rossi, Simon Ripoll-Hurier, Namsal Siedlecki, Andrea De Stefani, Thomas Thwaites, Emilio Vavarella

curated by Martina Sabbadini and Mattia Solari

coordinated by Sergey Kantsedal
intern: Yuliya Say

Friday 24/05 h.19
24/05 — 22/06 2019

Barriera presents Kaluchua, an exhibition that celebrates the artistic potential of animal agency. This project is the result of a residency that took place at Treignac Projet in 2018, and presents works created in cooperation between artists of different species.

The title of the show comes from the neologism “kaluchua” that was introduced by the anthropologist Kinji Imanishi in the 1950s to describe social aspects of the behaviour of Japanese macaques (Macaca Fuscata). The word “kaluchua” is a Japanese mispronunciation of the English word “culture” which Imanashi distinguished from “bunka” (“culture” in Japanese) to isolate the phenomenon of transmission of knowledge via learning (and not via instinct or genetic means) from other aspects of culture.

Beyond the concept of “kaluchua”, one may wonder what are the regimes of transmission of knowledge, collaboration and communication between companion-species. This project weaves a network of encounters, alliances, and appropriations: a series of human-animal collaborative works are presented alongside human-made artworks inspired by careful observation of animal behaviour.

For the opening at Barriera, Madison Bycroft will perform Mollusk Theory: Soft Bodies, a performance that dives into the ocean to find a theoretician in the cuttlefish. This work proposes a new discourse of language, subjecthood, and love.

Special thanks to Treignac Projet