Faccio colazione, mi cambio ed esco


Apparatus 22, Hannes Egger, Cose Cosmiche, Stefano Fiorina

curated by Sergey Kantsedal and Veronica Mazzucco

07/04 — 28/04/2017

In celebration of the 10-year anniversary of Barriera, this year’s Mirror Project will bring into focus the space of the institution itself drawing attention to its architecture as both a host for the work and an active actor within it. Mirror Project, which yearly celebrates the work of emerging curators and artists, this year, and for its 8th edition, presents Faccio colazione, mi cambio ed esco, a collaborative project by curators Sergey Kantsedal and Veronica Mazzucco, working together with artists Apparatus 22, Hannes Egger, Cose Cosmiche (Helga Franza and Silvia Hell) and Stefano Fiorina. The exhibition opens on April 7th and will take the form of 4 separate but interlocking actions that will unfold over a period of a few weeks.

Faccio colazione, mi cambio ed esco (I have breakfast, change myself and go out) urges the institution to look at itself anew by allowing it to exit its daily routines and embrace new points of view by opening itself up to the life of the neighborhood after which it takes its name. Faccio colazione, mi cambio ed esco plays with the exhibition format opting for an idea of curating as taking care of someone, based on empathetic and emotional relationships among institutions, artists, curators and public, inviting people to think of contemporary art outside elitist structures of signification.

The curators imagined Barriera as an individual that like any other human being needs love – to love and to be loved – in order to live and thrive. With this willful assumption in mind, the artists were asked to conceive of “therapeutic” interventions that in a period of 4 weeks would revitalize Barriera. These will be presented one after another, layered onto each other with the passing of each consecutive 7 days, until the end of the project that will also mark the completion of Barriera’s therapy and the unfolding of the exhibition as a formed whole.

Photo: Stefano Fiorina


Faccio colazione, mi cambio ed esco