Yoan Capote, Kan Xuan

Colazione a Barriera 2023

curated by Sergey Kantsedal and Yuliya Say

in collaboration with Galleria Continua.


05.11.2023 – 03.12.2023 

Opening: Sunday 05.11.2023, 10.00-14.00

Associazione Barriera invites Galleria Continua to present two solo exhibitions by Yoan Capote and Kan Xuan at their space in Turin for the next edition of Colazione a Barriera. 

Cuban artist Yoan Capote draws inspiration from the socio-cultural reality of his country, addressing themes of emigration and identity. He uses sculpture, painting, installation, photography and video to create paradoxical images composed of mundane objects that carry political and psychological connotations. The exhibition includes a selection of works by the Cuban artist such as sculptures, installations and paintings from different periods of his career, reflecting on themes that resonate deeply in contemporary society. The symbolism of these works evoke politics, migration, life, death, control, freedom of expression, borders, fake news, censorship, and others.

Chinese artist Kan Xuan was born in China in the early 1970s during the height of the Cultural Revolution. She creates marvelous human works, ranging from performance to photography and video. Her art involves manipulating objects and materials, which connect to social and economic aspects of our shared visual vocabulary. Kan Xuan’s works enable a visceral experience where aesthetic is interpreted through sight, touch, and sound. In her upcoming exhibition in Barriera, she will present “New Middle Class”, a video work in which various metal washers are strung together on an industrial crew rod, spinning around repeatedly. The soft clinking and dropping of the metal washers briskly convey emotions and reflect on the delicate balance between decency and imprisonment.

Yoan Capote, Kan Xuan