Why Me?

Pietro Agostoni

curated by Sergey Kantsedal with the assistance of Yuliya Say


Biagio Palmieri
Šimon Sýkora
Junwoo Park
Samy Boudol
Paul Bizkargüenaga

17.09.2021 — 23.10.2021

After “Ops”, Pietro Agostoni is back in Turin with “Why Me?”.
Tailored to the spaces of Associazione Barriera, the exhibition consists of a corpus of artworks on paper, photos, sculptures and installations that show the propagation and ramification of the artist’s research.
The exhibition takes shape from the practice of the accumulation of residues, relics and wastes woven into a web permeated by a sacred deterioration that turns out to be transformation.
New and old faces meet at this already consumed banquet: Biagio Palmieri, Daniele Guerrini, and the Fictitious Graffiti Krew (Šimon Sýkora, Junwoo Park, Samy Boudol, Paul Bizkargüenaga), who, with their different skills, help to exorcise the austerity of modern architecture and give life to space.
Photography by Gabriele Abbruzzese

Why Me?