Luca Pozzi

Mirror Project #3

a cura di Emanuele Catellani

18.05.2012 — 30.06.2012

Luca Pozzi experiences the exhibition space of Fondazione Barriera, linking materials and beliefs coming from different references and origins, from religion to science, from the art history to sports. The project WAITING 4 ORACLE is generated by the sum of the research conducted so far and the grammatical evolution hanging in it. Watershed between the first chapter of his practice, characterized by electromagnetic installations and a performative use of photography and and future projects currently invisible, are a series of videos made in 2011 in a extreme region of Washington states (USA) in which the artist draws a series of open air light drawings using an UV led on a phosphor screen of the size of a door, during the twilight time.

This particular experience has tried Pozzi to conceive an upgrade of this practice, namely the construction of a technological device capable of reproducing this analog process of drawing with light on phosphor by remotely, using, as dimensional bridge between spaces, the digital world of the Internet. This machine at the moment does not exist but his name will be Oracle. WAITING 4 ORACLE is an exhibition based on an a bet on the future. What we see instead is a reorganization of different works coming from different moments of the past: Dragon’s Wings (2010), Wall String # 06 (2012), 3D detail of Il Dono del Mantello (2008), Spin Network (2010), Dragon’s Eyes (2011).