Una corrente li trascinava nella notte

Georg Baselitz, David Bowes, Felice Casorati, Mario Ceroli, Wim Delvoye, Albrecht Dürer, Conrad Felixmüller, Alex Katz, Osvaldo Licini, Robert Mapplethorpe, Luigi Ontani, Meret Oppenheim, Francis Picabia, Carol Rama, Tom Wesselmann, Joel Peter Witkin, Sislej Xhafa.

curated by Sebastiano Impellizzeri

with Sergey Kantsedal and Yuliya Say

08.07.2021 — 29.07.2021
Opening: Thursday 8 h.21

The exhibition is a reflection on both the night and the pleasure arising when plunging into darkness. Through a selection of works from the collections of Barriera members, the artist Sebastiano Impellizzeri invites us to delve into a deep night, in which the shadows mingle with the imperceptible images of the artworks – which are more suggested than exhibited. The exhibition investigates a daring, poetic, and pathetic sensual pleasure – able to dig the eyes’ drive in the human darkness. The desiring connection between the individual and the image allows us to overcome the hostility of the rational mind, which prohibits free adventure, leaving the body the freedom to live the experience of the eyes. The Barriera space becomes a psycho-political mean of reviving a deep human archetype: the pleasure of the visual discovery of the forbidden, the eyes’ greed for images, the adventure of the sight presented with carnal voluptuousness. Visitors are encouraged to stir all their senses and experience how excitement may become a spark to understand reality, a form of liberation of the body from the automated dictatorship of contemporary rationality.

Una corrente li trascinava nella notte