Mirror Project #11

Gianna Rubini, Agnese Spolverini, Maria Chiara Ziosi

curated by Stefano Volpato

coordinated by Yuliya Say

13.05.2021 — 12.06.2021

Barriera opens the eleventh edition of Mirror Project in collaboration with Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo. The project is aimed at the participants of the curatorial programme CAMPO, which are invited each year to develop a new exhibition.

Pillows like pillars is a collective exhibition curated by Stefano Volpato, presenting the research and works of artists Gianna Rubini, Agnese Spolverini and Maria Chiara Ziosi.

The project starts from the suggestion, which the title refers to, of a metamorphosis of the exhibition space. Its columns turn to pillows, walls to sheets. The space and its contours soften, collapse and expand, as for a new moulding.

Through the exchange and hybridization between domestic and public, the artists investigate the edges of the tearing produced by the collision and the overturning between these dimensions. The public is invited to explore a gray area where intimacy and self-exposure, identity construction and self-narration are intertwined in ambiguous and challenging ways.

Highlighting frictions and fluidities crossing these dynamics, Gianna Rubini, Agnese Spolverini and Maria Chiara Ziosi interrogate mysterious and elusive spaces and bodies, sometimes romantically close and intimate, sometimes coldly distant and inaccessible.

At the opening, Gianna Rubini performs the monologue Ehi at 7:30 pm; a recording of it will be featured in the exhibition, accessible via personal devices and earphones. The listening session Songs From a Rat Hole by Maria Chiara Ziosi takes place on the occasion of the finissage.

The catalog of Pillows like pillars is designed by the artist Mattia Pajè.

Photography by Gabriele Abbruzzese