One Way Ticket

curated by Sergey Kantsedal


Barriera in collaboration with Isola presents One way ticket by Apl315, a reflection on the practice of tattooing as a form of body language, which serves not only a physical decoration but reflects the symbolic value through identification with the certain design.

Conceived as both an installation and a really tattoo session, during which people are proposed to make one — selected from samples on display as well as a result of free improvisation – Apl315 questions on a range of issues related to the body, the emotional bond with the work of art, the sustainability of artistic choices within the life experience, time and memory.

One way ticket is also linked to the format: in contrast to the temporary character of the event, tattoo can provide the possibility of a permanent memory, incorporated by the physical sign drawn on the surface of the body.

Photography by Cristina Leoncini

One Way Ticket